Rohtak ki Gajak / Til Dry Fruit Gajak

Rohtak ki Gajak / Til Dry Fruit Gajak

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India- the land of multiple cultures, tastes and recipes. Each utterly unique and steeped in tradition. 

This is the story of the Gajak from Rohtak. Legend has it that a Pushpabhuti king loved the Gajak from other places so much that he ordered his chefs to create one which would be their own. Hence was born, the Gajak from Rohtak. 

Sweet, crisp and delicious, at Kabliwala’s we cook this Gajak for hours on a wok or kadaai till the jaggery turns into just the right consistency before adding the crushed sesame into it. It is then plied for hours again before adding dry fruits into it and then, letting it set into the much loved hardened biscuit shaped candy we know it as.  

Other than being known for its phenomenal taste, our Rohtak ki Gajak is also extremely beneficial for health, lowing cholesterol, aiding digestion, boosting heart heath and also giving you a glowing complexion.