Punjabi Peanut Chikki /Bhatinda Moongfali Patti
Punjabi Peanut Chikki /Bhatinda Moongfali Patti
Punjabi Peanut Chikki - Kabliwala's

Punjabi Peanut Chikki /Bhatinda Moongfali Patti

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From the warm, hearty land of Punjab, comes this story of the Punjabi Peanut Brittle or Chikki. The Indian winter with its gloomy, misty coldness stirs an almost instinctive need for the peanut or mungfali chikki in most Indian hearts. The association is a powerful one which begins from childhood and is continued generation after generation. 

Every year in Punjab, during Lohri is when the fruits of the land are ready for harvest and around the bonfire are shared many stories and also, the beloved Peanut Chikki or mungfali chikki which is a heart warming concoction of peanuts or mungfali and jaggery or gur

At Kabliwala, equally heart warming for us, are the traditional methods we use to ensure that you get a taste of the Punjabi heartiness in every bite of the Punjabi Peanut Chikki or Punjabi Mungfali Chikki

This chikki is particularly useful with its many health benefits. The jaggery helps with stomach related problems and combined with the peanuts, the chikki is a rich source of iron, potassium and magnesium.