Luxury Sweets Khasta Gajak

Luxury Sweets Khasta Gajak

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At the heart of Madhya Pradesh, in a small district named Morena is where this story begins. The town where peacocks abound. There, every winter, the farmers combat the harsh cold by consuming the fruits of their hard labour- the Gajak. Made from home grown Til or Sesame and Gur or Jaggery, the two main ingredients of this sweet come together in a unique fusion called the MorenaGajak

At Kabliwala, we painstakingly cook these hardened candies for hours over an open kadaai or wok before they turn into a shiny, smooth and thin texture. They are then allowed to cool into the hardened biscuit shaped candies called Morena Gajak which are so beloved across the country today. 

Gajak is especially useful during the harsh winter months, keeping you warm and preventing colds and coughs. The high protein and mineral content is believed to prevent oxidative damage of the liver, enhances bone health, improves memory and is great for overall health.