Jaisalmer Peanuts / Moongfali Jaisalmer
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Jaisalmer Peanuts / Moongfali Jaisalmer

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This story begins in Gujarat- the land of legends and lions! It is a story of how the simple, hardworking people of Jaisalmer took the humble peanut and turned it into an Indian staple which is consumed every day, everywhere. 

In India, no journey is complete without a warm newspaper cone containing Khari Sing or Jaisalmer Peanuts. The slightly salty, nutty flavour of these peanuts from Jaisalmer is evocative of many memories of train and car journeys accompanied with khari sing bought from local hawkers and vendors making them fresh off the coals.  

At Kabliwala we realise that no matter where you go, this bag of khari sing is a must for a successful journey. And so, our khari singis lovingly roasted and crafted using local ingredients, ensuring that you get a taste of the famous Jaisalmer hospitality wherever you go.  

In addition to being every Indian’s favourite snack, Jaisalmer Peanuts are also great for your health. They are rich in monosaturated fats, Vitamin E, folate, protein and manganese.