Dry Fruit Combo-400 gm

Rs. 520.00 Rs. 548.00

Its Combo pack Contains-

* Almond Spanish (100 gm) -The Queen of Almonds', Spanish almonds as they are popularly known, are a variety unique to the Spain and are prized for being amazingly tender.

* Raisin (100 gm) -Luscious, juicy and with velvety skins, these raisins or kishmish are as healthy and they are tasty.

* Cashew (100 gm) -Reminiscent of a time when cashews or Kajus were sold by street vendors on cold winter days, our Kajus retain the old world charm even today.Kaju is known for its heart friendly.

* Pistachio (100 gm) -The slightly mauve and green colours and the uniquely distinctive nutty, buttery flavour of these pistachios or pistas are all you need to know that these are the best in the world.