Beawar ki Til Patti

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This is the tale of the Gajak made unique and completely their own by the people from Beawar, a small city in Rajasthan. The land of hot deserts and cold nights, and even colder winters, warmed by the fire around which are shared stories and the Beawar ki til patti. Come winters and the streets of erstwhile Mewar would line up with hawkers and pedlars selling these Beawar ki til ki pattiwhich are so beloved across the country. 

Today, at Kabliwala’s we make this sweet brittle using traditional methods of the artisans of yore, combining dry fruits, sesame seeds and jaggery to make a brittle that is known for its being as fine and thin as paper, yet as delicious as ever. 

Till ki patti, while being tasty is also known for its nutritional and health benefits. It is known to be a great source of protein, it helps prevent diabetes and reduces blood pressure.